Bringing Junk Back To Life.

Hello!  My name is Stacy Heavirland, owner of The Vintage Lotus. I’m an artist here in the beautiful countryside of Caldwell, Idaho.

I specialize in Creative Furniture Artistry, Original Artwork, Innovative Decor, Junkin' Finds & More... I love creating unique one of a kind statement pieces for your home or business.

I’ve always had a wild, creative artistic soul, grass root dreams with a mix of an extreme passion for all things vintage, furniture, home decor, interior design, painting, crafting, decorating, and all things junkin'!  I know some of those things don’t seem like they go together... but for me they do! You can’t put me in a box… It’s a passion for taking something old and undesirable, and creating something beautiful again.

My love of junk started at a young age… We didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. So my Momma always took me out junkin’ to buy the things we needed, and to keep the costs low. Little did we know it would create a way of life for me… There is something amazing, inspiring, and liberating about hitting the open road letting your hair and all your worries blow in the wind… in search of something new out there in the wild blue yonder. 

I am also a Wife, Mother, Naturalist, Entrepreneur, and huge Coffee Snob… My favorite colors are all thing rusty, crusty, torn, and tattered.