I am proud to offer my AMAZING customers Lay-A-Way payment plan to make it easy for you to buy the furniture/items that you want by paying for them through manageable installment plan. The program allows you to break down your purchase price over a number of payments. Use our Lay-A-Way to plan and budget for all of your home furnishing purchases!



Is Layaway for local customers only? 
Yes. Layaway is for local customers only. Caldwell, Idaho and surrounding towns. This is because a physical viewing, sign paper contract, and deposit are required by customer at the time of placing an item on layaway.  

How many payments can I set-up for my Layaway?
You can set up as few as 2 payments or as many as 6. Unfortunately, your Layaway period cannot be extended beyond 6 payments.


Is there a minimum purchase price to use the Layaway plan? 

Yes. Total purchase must be over $200 or more.


How much is each of my payments?
Your payment amount will vary depending on the purchase price and the number of payments you wish to make.


How much is the initial deposit?

1-3 month plan ~ $200.00 – $599.00
- Minimum 30% Initial Deposit

4-6 month plan ~ $600.00 +
- Minimum 20% Initial Deposit


How do I make my payments?
There are a few easy ways:

(1) Pay by email invoice The Vintage Lotus will email as each payment is due.

(2) Apple Pay, Venmo App, Cash App, Facebook Messenger Payments.

(3) Certified bank check by mail.

(4) Cash or card in person. (cards swiped in person have an additional added 3% per transaction)


Will payments be made automatically?
No. Your payments must be made manually through the method described above.


Can I change the amount or number of my payments?
No. Your number of payments and amount of each payment are fixed at the time the product is placed on Layaway. However, you may make payments more frequently if you want.


Do I have to put any money down for Layaway?
Yes. In order to place a product on Lay-A-Way, you must make your non-refundable percentage deposit payment.  The Layaway will not be saved without the deposit payment.


Is sales tax included in my payments?
Yes. Sales tax will be included in your payment total.


What happens when I complete my payments?
Your item(s) is all yours! Yay!

You have 7 days to arrange pick up for your item... Or we can deliver…You have the option to schedule a delivery for an additional $40 fee. Delivery is within the Treasure Valley Only (Caldwell, Idaho and surrounding towns).


How much shipping will cost?
Sorry, No Shipping for Layaway purchases. Layaway is for local customers only. Treasure Valley Only (Caldwell, Idaho and surrounding towns)


Which products can I choose for Layaway?
Any item/s The Vintage Lotus has stated eligible in it’s listing and is selling for a minimum of $200 or more. 


Can I change/modify the item/s I have on Layaway?
No. Modifications to your original Layaway Agreement is not allowed. No exceptions.


Can I cancel my order on Layaway?
Yes. However, you will forfeit ALL past payments. No Refunds will be given. No Exceptions. Your contract will be void and all future payments will be canceled.


Will Flash Sales, Sales or Discounts be applied to my total?

No. Flash Sales, sales or any type of discount will not be applied to your layaway. Layaway is for the original retail price only. 


How do I sign up for Layaway?

Send me a message (via facebook or website). Let me know which item you’re interested in and that you would like a layaway plan. We will schedule a time for you to come out and view the item in person to insure it’s the perfect item for you… and from there you can sign/review the layaway contract and make your deposit. *please note: items cannot be held and could sell before your scheduled viewing… quick scheduling is suggested.